flower memories

Cacharel was the reason I wanted to become a fashion designer. When I was a youngster I loved the floral prints and the rouches and all of that. It was a very romantic brand back in the days... My taste is changed a bit during the years, but I must say I always check the cacharel collection, because of my old romantic memories;) 
I have a weakness for graphic prints, as you can see at the background of this blog. And graphic prints is what you get when you look at the last Cacharel collection. Romantic is not the right word anymore to describe this collection designed by C├ędric Charlier. "That Cacharel girl from the seventies, she doesn't exist," said Charlier backstage before the show. "I try to give a new vision."
In that vein, this clever designer will flirt with Cacharel's sweet floral heritage without ever fully closing the deal. The plain pastel clean-lined and fresh-scrubbe silouettes, are a inseparable counterpart of the collection

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Stiene S. said...

I love it! x