Copy Cat

I always have to laugh about the fact that all designers around me are so protective about their upcoming designs. As a freelancer I am not allowed to talk about inspiration themes, shapes and colors. Also when I went to the Premier Vision (fabric fair in Paris) a couple of weeks ago a Guard of the fair almost put a gun to my head, because I made a picture of a piece of fabric. I ignored the sad man, but he followed me until it got scared and he made me delete the picture. Then he also witnessed a very private picture on my camera.....poor poor man. Exactly this protectionism made me VERY obstinate. 
It made me question lots of different things. Why are people taking fashion so serious? Isn't it supposed to be FUN? And why are people so afraid that you take a picture of a piece of fabric, with no further detailing on it? If companies are so afraid of copy cats, why are they presenting themselves on a fair like that, were everybody is obliged to do the same; pick the same colors, the same fabrics and most important the same TRENDS.
Ooof, I hate that word; "Being trendy or not to be". The whole fashion system is so sickened in my eyes that it is screeming for a different approach. What does it matter if someone see the colors I am gonna use for my upcoming collection. If they want to use the same colors, YOU CAN! Please do, I beg you to use the same colors as I am. I will write the pantone colors for you on a postcard and send them to you personally by airmail. 
The thing is, even if people copy you, they are behind you. That is all for now...I will show you my sketches later.

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