I have a new favorite designer; Phoebe Philo. When she designed for Chloe, that was my favorite brand, but I follow her work for Celine now for a couple of seasons, and I think it is absolutely outstanding, sophisticated, smart, aesthetic, and graceful. Other words I can't find for these shoes! The combination of fabrics in the trousers, with leather and the blind zipper at the ankle, super elegant!
I am a little afraid that the turtle neck is finding it's way back into the world, but hey, with pointy-toe loafers like that no one is gonna notice! You can't call it fashion with a capital F; it's too classic and too subtle for that. Still, it's a testament to how utterly Philo has nailed the essence of what modern, style-obsessed women want right now.
I hope you don't get bored with all my runway reports, but it is hard to ignore these beautifull collections. I will write more about my personal fashion world soon...

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