AVELON AW 11...Detailed Minimalism


This week I visited the Autumn/ Winter 2011 collection presentation of AVELON, the designer brand by Erik Frenken. The collection is full of pieces that aim to be seasonless. Not to forget to mention is that the collection includes menswear AND womenswear. The chic casualness of each look is appealing to someone who doesn't like fussy clothes. But, it's more than that with Avelon for me. It's the details of each piece that gives them lasting appeal.

This season it is all about the balance between softness and raw edge cut pieces; A Chic versus ducktape cocktail feeling. Most of the garments consists of contrasting fabrics: heavy versus lightsheer versus opaque and math versus brighter fabrics such as leather. The collection is built in a way that you have your basic pieces and the directional pieces, such as the multizipped jeans and the long jersey dress with the zipper on the hip.

The Blue Satin copper zippers are the KEY throughout the whole collection. A leather chino with a lot of stitches and patches, the chunky Knitwear, patchwork bottoms with two sorts of denim that increase in contrast while you wash them more, the leather jacket with the magnificent shoulders, ducktape-like rubber prints on impeccable detailed tees and a beautiful long draped jacket are some of my favorites. The leather pieces are butterly soft and I asume a dream to wear.

A lot of pieces from the menswear and womenswear run disorderly through the collection. I love the unisex theme, it looks comfortable and chic at the same time. The overall feeling of the collection is black, so that you can easily make it your own. The special blazer with the long jersey draped back has my name written all over it....AVELON I'll be watching you!


zoelovefashion said...

lovely post!
I think the clothes are amazing and so beautiful i love the leather jacket!


Odd-ette said...

theirs knits and sweaters are so cuuute

Odd-ette said...

and their video aw-11 with Yuksek's song was just amaaaazing : http://odd-ette.blogspot.com/2011/07/avelon-aw-11.html#links