Alexander in great D E T A I L

I already did an earlier post about the latest collection from mr. A L E X A N D E R W A N G, but what a brilliant collection! I just looked at it again and besides the absolutely cool silhouettes, the detailing of this collection gives me goose bums. This is for me the ultimate collection. The combination of fabrics mixed into one garment is done so well, I almost start to tumble over my own words. The collection has great pieces of statement outerwear worn over intricate dresses. Jackets that are knitted at the top and ends in leather, sweaters that become dresses at the bottom....so elegant! The cut out heel of the extra long trousers are so sexy! I also love the sportswear detailing on a evening dresses. The mixture of influences makes its own definition.
It is the ultimate urban warrior feeling. These outfits are designed in a way that they work for all sorts of different events. Now I remember where my obsession with an ivory leather jacket comes from. Astonishing! 

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