SU-SHI please!

I just noticed this Mini-satchel bag from SU-SHI, style EMMA. I think I am going to buy it. This maxi gold/brass lock is like a jewel to the piece. Especially the Vintage Wine colour for spring is perfect! It is completely handmade and has an long leather extra strap. This model reminds me somehow of the bag that the girl in amsterdam was wearing in an earlier post. I like the new way of carrying, without the long strap. Just one arm trough the handle and STROLL!


GREAT ANIMATION, exhilarating to crawl through this early morning..


Tapdancingly CHIC

I totally love this girls style, pictured in the streets of Amsterdam. I like the bag the most, the model is so perfect. Her whole outfit looks, just efforlesly chic. Cool sweater, Tapdancing shoes, at least that is the feeling I am getting when looking at them, I guess we're all aiming for that!

Leather jacket

I am getting obsessed with finding the right leather jacket. Especially a light-coloured one. It is just the perfect item to finish every outfit. I am not planning in paying a fortune for one, although I realise that it is an investment. A good leather jacket lives at least six to ten years. Kinda funny how I am speaking about garments as if they have an actual heartbeat....But I guess a REAL good jacket comes to life when you wear it. I will become more beautiful, soft and personal throughout the years. Keep you updated...


around the corner: ZOE KARSSEN

While I was surfing for amsterdam based designers, don't ask me why I was doing that... I found a RAD "new" clothing label... ZOE KARSSEN is the name of this new found phenomenon. This amsterdam based label is launched by the design duo Zoe and Quince Karssen in 2010 and could best be described as easy to wear. 
Simplicity is the key, mixing themes and references from rock n roll to fashion, Famous Icons & Quotes and with an distinct emphasis on popular culture. I love this photo shoot. It looks young, but still adaptable for older women (not me = not old, maybe little old..). Stunningly HOT! 




"Wants" and "What if I had these pieces" ....I would dance the night away....

1. Isabel Marant Keni Leather Biker Jacket
2. Acne, Brushed Leather Ankle Boots
3. Carine Gilson, Egerie Silk-Satin Half Slip
4. Alexander Wang, open knit cotton sweater
5. Alexander Wang, Zip-detailed Square Frame Acetate Sunglasses
6. Alexander Wang, Trudy leather tote
7. Alexander Wang, Draped chiffon and Twill Dress
8. United Nude, Abstract: Pewter+ Dark Brown
9. Dominic Jones Pyramid 22-Karat rose Gold Plated Ring


A lot of PUHA

When I did my round through Utrecht the other night I cam across another nice shop called Puha. Actually I walked right to it, because otherwise you might be wandering what I would be doing right in the middle of the red light district in Utrecht in the evening....This shop at the hardebollenstraat 8 sells designer pieces and accessories of young designers for men and women. The name itself is so well chosen. In Dutch Puha means, a lot of blaze, something like that. Only now it is spelled different and you see right away that it is a nice word trick.

It is a very colourful shop, some of the labels that they sell are Studio Jux, Neurotica, Alter & Kiss, Ontfront, Monique Poolmans, Les Queues de Sardines, Deux Filles & Fil and Superhorstjansen. You can also buy these pieces at their online webshop. Their windowdisplay is really getting your attention with the lightened dolls. Puha, You got my head turned! 


AVELON AW 11...Detailed Minimalism


This week I visited the Autumn/ Winter 2011 collection presentation of AVELON, the designer brand by Erik Frenken. The collection is full of pieces that aim to be seasonless. Not to forget to mention is that the collection includes menswear AND womenswear. The chic casualness of each look is appealing to someone who doesn't like fussy clothes. But, it's more than that with Avelon for me. It's the details of each piece that gives them lasting appeal.

This season it is all about the balance between softness and raw edge cut pieces; A Chic versus ducktape cocktail feeling. Most of the garments consists of contrasting fabrics: heavy versus lightsheer versus opaque and math versus brighter fabrics such as leather. The collection is built in a way that you have your basic pieces and the directional pieces, such as the multizipped jeans and the long jersey dress with the zipper on the hip.

The Blue Satin copper zippers are the KEY throughout the whole collection. A leather chino with a lot of stitches and patches, the chunky Knitwear, patchwork bottoms with two sorts of denim that increase in contrast while you wash them more, the leather jacket with the magnificent shoulders, ducktape-like rubber prints on impeccable detailed tees and a beautiful long draped jacket are some of my favorites. The leather pieces are butterly soft and I asume a dream to wear.

A lot of pieces from the menswear and womenswear run disorderly through the collection. I love the unisex theme, it looks comfortable and chic at the same time. The overall feeling of the collection is black, so that you can easily make it your own. The special blazer with the long jersey draped back has my name written all over it....AVELON I'll be watching you!

Designercafe Utrecht

Yesterday evening I walked through the citycentre Of Utrecht.I passed by the DESIGNERCAFE at the Oudkerkhof nr 7. I already heard about this shop before, but shamingly I had never seen it. This shop sells labels of young local fashiondesigners. They organise workshops, expositions and other fashion events. This shop really got my attention, I will write more about this conceptstore later, when I brought an actual visit to the shop. For now I will show you the pictures of this exquisite window. The window didn´t tell from who this work is, but I presume from fashion students. I will keep you updated about this. Beautifull knits, and a very nice shop to check out when you are in Utrecht!