She's a killer machine

A lot of inspiration from the latest collection from Ann Sophie Back came from cars; car shapes and features and fittings. For instance, there is a leather bag that has that classic car bonnet shape and the idea of speed was important to the clothing. Also there were some dashboard inspired elements in the jewellery and on some of the T-shirts we actually did a bug splatter pattern print, reminiscent of a windscreen.
In a mere 14 looks, Back abstracted her inspiration into elegantly strict outfits like the silvery pantsuit that opened the presentation. It was trimmed with metal, mirroring the trim on a car window. The other auto references were as subtle: a burled wood clutch echoing a dashboard, a skirt with a pleated front that suggested a tail fin, a bag modeled on the hood of a car. 
I absolutely love the metal details. You don't need an extra piece of jewelery. Your garment is complete, sober and sophisticated all in once!

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