Put a smile upon your face..

When I am thinking about Antoine Peters I think of cartoon-inspired and multi coloured collections that put a smile on my face. His latest project in collaboraton with Eastpack resulted in a limited edition of Eastpack bags. The design comes from an earlier project were Antoine customised seating objects for Quinze & Milan x Eastpak’s “Built to Resi(s)t” collection and a collection of special accessories – was presented during Interieur 2010, the 22nd International Design Biennale in Kortrijk. The project was launched through an interactive installation called ‘The World is Flat’ during which visitors were invited to deface a sofa, colouring the black and white prints that covered it with a crayon of their choice.

This concept he also used for his bags, you can colour them yourself! If I would have one, I would leave it black and white, just because I like the graphic play of the lines, but that is just my personal choise. I also think it is great that a fashion designer works also on interior design and accessoiries. Antoine even made his own music video; It blurs the boundaries and I think this is an interesting way of looking into the future of design.

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