Since I have bought my new camera (canon 550D), a new world opened for me. Er gaat een nieuwe wereld voor mij open, is the translation in Dutch. This camera is so amazing, that from the moment I had it in my hands, I see the world through a lens. Everywhere I look, I see pictures, especially when I don´t have my camera with me.... I found these replica´s of old fashioned photo camera´s. Sooooo beautiful!.
Dazzling square-format images, all dreamy and soft-focused – wouldn’t that be nice as enlargements? This medium-format pinhole camera can deliver that – and can be tweaked to take 35mm film, too!

Look who just got a fresh makeover! Retaining its dreamy appeal and ultra-convenient qualities, the Diana Mini’s very first clone is now ultra-bright in a coat of white!

The Holga 120 3D Stereo Camera is a medium-format plastic snapshooter that will capture two images simultaneously with its two lenses, giving you a stereo image viewable in 3D!

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