Je ne sais quoi....

French women are world known for their sense of style and chic way of dressing. France is, after all, the country where such famous designers as Coco Chanel originate. So if you want to dress like a French woman follow these steps:

- Find the style which suits you! Contrary to popular opinion, French woman are not slaves to 
fashion. At a young age a French woman is taught to find the style which suits her best, and stick to it.

- Buy less. Yes, that's right! It is a myth that a French woman owns an enormous amount of clothes. The secret is that she prefers to spend her money on a few good quality pieces than to buy hoards of cheap clothing.
- Keep your style simple. A French woman is not a fussy dresser. She will always have some well cut simple pieces in her wardrobe.
- Buy some accessories. A French woman will always have a string of pearls and an elegant scarf ready to brighten up an article.
- Be ready for the unexpected. A French woman is always ready for an unexpected invitation which is why she always has a cocktail dress on hand.

- Despite the fixation with natural and neutral tones, every French woman wears one flirty item: high heels, a leather skirt, a skim of black eyeliner, a choker. The trick is just one item, never two  and that is the hard part.

A brand that has this feeling for me is Filippa K. This is actually a Swedisch brand, but they play with clean lines and femininity as no other. Here are some pics from their new S/S 11 collection. OK, I am off to Paris now, I will show you later what the real Parisian women are wearing on the street!

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