Doo Ri....mi fa so la ti Doooo'o

Doo Ri's latest Fall /Winter ready to wear collection is so elegant. Her calling card is draping, at which she excels, and even when she's playing around with other techniques, her collections are craft-focused exercises in turning luxurious fabrics into understated, accessible clothes. The collection looked very comfortable. For me that is a key word. I love that the jerseys look as if they are hugging your body. Looking at some of the latest collections now, I've noticed a lot of overlap skirts with a big split at the front. I think this is a new shape, risky, but if you can pull it off, please do. So feminine! I am a fan from Doo Ri's work ever since I saw her Spring/Summer collection 2006.This collection blew me away. I love the fragile yet elegant look with the beeded fabrics, as light as a soufle!

 Doo ri's S/S collection 2006:

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