Little Triggers

Yapanes artist Yoshitomo Nara's images of precious, punk- rock children disturb and disrupt our dreams of innocence. Nara's children, with their oversized heads, milk-saucer eyes and blunt, pawlike limbs, look infantile and defenseless, but far from innocent. They sneak sidelong glances and grimace knowingly, hinting at some secret transgression or imagined subversion. Some even smoke cigarettes or wield tiny knives. Nara's kids may be up to no good, but they never look guilty. Their faces, at first placid and cute, betray an indignant, yet impotent anger.    



Since I have bought my new camera (canon 550D), a new world opened for me. Er gaat een nieuwe wereld voor mij open, is the translation in Dutch. This camera is so amazing, that from the moment I had it in my hands, I see the world through a lens. Everywhere I look, I see pictures, especially when I don´t have my camera with me.... I found these replica´s of old fashioned photo camera´s. Sooooo beautiful!.
Dazzling square-format images, all dreamy and soft-focused – wouldn’t that be nice as enlargements? This medium-format pinhole camera can deliver that – and can be tweaked to take 35mm film, too!

Look who just got a fresh makeover! Retaining its dreamy appeal and ultra-convenient qualities, the Diana Mini’s very first clone is now ultra-bright in a coat of white!

The Holga 120 3D Stereo Camera is a medium-format plastic snapshooter that will capture two images simultaneously with its two lenses, giving you a stereo image viewable in 3D!

Think away the FUR..

 I thought Vera Wang only designed wedding dresses, but I guess I am wrong. To me this collection is a collection with a very new silhouette. The collection is all about dresses and outerwear. Vera wanted to show more couture-feel like pieces on the street, as a contrast next to the sportswear you see a lot on the street. The combination of the fragile dresses with the strong coats is very rock and roll. I like the idea of evening dresses worn during the day, with boots underneath.
I am also a big fan of translucent skirts, don’t ask me why. Worn over slim trousers or tights, gives this look a new dimension. The a-symmetrical seam length of the pleated dresses; short in the front, longer at the bag, is also tres cool!



Acne is known for their peculiar androgyny that is one of the brand's signatures. The fall winter collection was all about: cropped overalls with platform sandals and sheer, flesh-toned socks, dusty pink, mustard, and olive. Johansson claimed inspiration from the girls in his design studio, people who conjured maximum cool out of minimum budget, reconfiguring workwear as a chic little something. 
Johansson said he'd also been looking at the work of British artist Daniel Silver, so he was thinking about sculptural forms. Kudos to that somewhat abstract influence if it dictated the appealing volumes of the clothes, particularly when they were shown in richly colored leather.  To me it was the color palette as a whole that made this show! 

She's a killer machine

A lot of inspiration from the latest collection from Ann Sophie Back came from cars; car shapes and features and fittings. For instance, there is a leather bag that has that classic car bonnet shape and the idea of speed was important to the clothing. Also there were some dashboard inspired elements in the jewellery and on some of the T-shirts we actually did a bug splatter pattern print, reminiscent of a windscreen.
In a mere 14 looks, Back abstracted her inspiration into elegantly strict outfits like the silvery pantsuit that opened the presentation. It was trimmed with metal, mirroring the trim on a car window. The other auto references were as subtle: a burled wood clutch echoing a dashboard, a skirt with a pleated front that suggested a tail fin, a bag modeled on the hood of a car. 
I absolutely love the metal details. You don't need an extra piece of jewelery. Your garment is complete, sober and sophisticated all in once!


powder pink bag..

This bag....I know it sounds shallow, but I have to have it. It is from mango, and I haven't seen it in the shops yet. It is so gorgeous. I am going to a wedding in march, so I have an excuse to buy it......untill then....drewl...

Put a smile upon your face..

When I am thinking about Antoine Peters I think of cartoon-inspired and multi coloured collections that put a smile on my face. His latest project in collaboraton with Eastpack resulted in a limited edition of Eastpack bags. The design comes from an earlier project were Antoine customised seating objects for Quinze & Milan x Eastpak’s “Built to Resi(s)t” collection and a collection of special accessories – was presented during Interieur 2010, the 22nd International Design Biennale in Kortrijk. The project was launched through an interactive installation called ‘The World is Flat’ during which visitors were invited to deface a sofa, colouring the black and white prints that covered it with a crayon of their choice.

This concept he also used for his bags, you can colour them yourself! If I would have one, I would leave it black and white, just because I like the graphic play of the lines, but that is just my personal choise. I also think it is great that a fashion designer works also on interior design and accessoiries. Antoine even made his own music video; It blurs the boundaries and I think this is an interesting way of looking into the future of design.


Doo Ri....mi fa so la ti Doooo'o

Doo Ri's latest Fall /Winter ready to wear collection is so elegant. Her calling card is draping, at which she excels, and even when she's playing around with other techniques, her collections are craft-focused exercises in turning luxurious fabrics into understated, accessible clothes. The collection looked very comfortable. For me that is a key word. I love that the jerseys look as if they are hugging your body. Looking at some of the latest collections now, I've noticed a lot of overlap skirts with a big split at the front. I think this is a new shape, risky, but if you can pull it off, please do. So feminine! I am a fan from Doo Ri's work ever since I saw her Spring/Summer collection 2006.This collection blew me away. I love the fragile yet elegant look with the beeded fabrics, as light as a soufle!

 Doo ri's S/S collection 2006:


Vilsbøl de Arce

Since 2002 the designer duo, Vilsbøl de Arce has created avant-garde fashion with strong ties to art and performance. For the designers, Prisca Vilsbøl and Pia de Arce, fashion is art revolving around human form.

The duo often creates in collaboration with other artists, their talent shooting off in a myriad of creative expressions: modern dance, industrial design, jewellery, art installations, headpieces and uniforms. Artistic projects serve as the inspiration and framework for the Vilsbøl de Arce collections, and the resulting pieces are intricate fashion constructions with unconventional silhouettes and sculptural characteristics.

Essence is timeless. The work of Vilsbøl de Arce must forever be a search for fundamental experiences more than a temporal aesthetics. We must defeat habit by originality.
Inherent curiosity about ideas and naive intuition must remain a principal drive in our work.
Yet we must explore and test the possibilities within the medium of fashion, always reaching towards other art forms, to strip our work down to a consistent expression. I will definately keep track of this DUO!

Alexander Wang F/W 11/12

Alexander Wang made a triumphant return to form that injected the sexy, tough, cool-girl attitude he's built his brand on with a heightened sense of luxury. The designer explained in a preview: "We're almost poking fun at decadence and luxury." Almost, and well, really just enough. All the lush, cocoon-y outerwear was clever, not clownish or immature in its hybridizations of bomber jacket-turned-poncho, boyfriend blazer-turned-fur coat, and a tuxedo jacket with puffer sleeves.

You could simultaneously get the jokey comment on the current fur mania with his mink-wrapped sunglasses and boudoir bobbles on high-shine metallic loafers while still thinking it all looked pretty great. And it did. From all those coats to the smart split-up-the-side heavy-ribbed knits paired with glitter drainpipe jeans (perfect for the "Billie Jean" effect on the runway) and a rose-hued satin skirt of slashed ribbons, to his various riffs on the tuxedo for evening.