Tribal Roya Hesam...

The from Afghanistan originated designer Roya Hesam’s collection, named Te Mana O Te Moana (Spirit of the Ocean) was designed from the vulnerability of women. The show had a very Eastern feeling to it and contained beautiful shades like blues, turquoise and nudes. 

I must say some pieces were styling wise a little bit over the top, but if you look through your eyelashes a very fragile collection shines through. She focuses a lot on the trousers. The patterns she makes are very original and the layering of the fabrics, made the silhouette really stand out. Also the long yarns that she uses on and under her tops, brings definitely some extra drama to the show. 

The belt that is shown in the first frame is so lovely, I would love to have that one! Some of her styling was a little bit too edgy for me, but besides that I very much respect the fact that she stays close to her roots. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

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