Ticket for SIS from Spijkers & Spijkers!

Since I am statistically a nobody in the Dutch fashion world...(just wait and see;)) I didn't get any tickets for the amsterdam fashion week. I must say that I am not particularly fond of standing in line, drink martini's with the wannabes and all the blabla around it, but I do like fashion and in particular Spijkers & Spijkers! I follow their work throughout the years. They even lectured me when I did my masters in fashion design. They have a very feminine style to which I can relate to very much. Anyway.... I just received an email that I have a ticket to see the show! I almost sound like a crazy daisy, but I am so happy!

The inspiration for their Fall/Winter 2011 collection are the first aviators and drivers. The muse for this collection is Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to cross the Atlantic Ocean. She followed her heart; she didn’t let anyone talk her out of her ideas. 
Truus and Riet didn’t use the theme very literally. ‘When you think of aviators you almost immediately think of lammy coats, well you’re not going to see those in our collection’, Truus said. ‘We did design knitted dresses with ribbons stitched on top of it, tough overalls and jackets with fur collars. We used shades of blue, light taupe, grey, black and some red.’ 
While the sea was a big theme in the latest SIS collection, this time it’s all about the sky. The twin sisters therefore designed a print of clouds that will pop up in the collection.

Joost van Bellen is working on some very tough rock ‘n roll music, which I am dying to hear on Thursday evening So, what I expect is strong women with flowy trousers, high boots, aviator jackets, relaxed shirts and wavy scarves, I am just guessing…;) Can’t wait!

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