SIS By Spijkers & Spijkers


Here a short response on the show from SIS by Spijkers & Spijkers. As I told in my earlier post about SIS the collection was inspired by first aviators and drivers. The muse for this collection is Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Before the show even started, while everyone was still chit- chatting in the room, you could already hear the radio conversations between the real aviators back in the day. The show started with a heavy rock´n roll sound, mixed by Joost van Bellen, wich I thought was great! Loved the music... 
The collection showed a selected range of knitted dresses that made my sister and me (off course to a show, from a label called SIS, I have to bring my own SIS;) drewl. Some of them had prints and others were plain knitted with a sort of cable in them. The knitting looked firm, when you would wear them, it will hug your body, that kind of feeling.
Also the woven dresses with the coloured cloud prints in red and blue, were absolutely gorgeous. The colors came out really beautifull and had nice black ribbon detailing on them. She show ended with a mid length black leather jacket, belted down the waist. We were already wondering were in the future we could buy some of these pieces! It was a great show!

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