Preview Jan Taminiau part two..

As far as I know I am not going to see the show(s) of Jan Taminiau live in person tomorrow. But, I am still holding my dreams up.... Here i found some extra pictures taken from the atelier of Jan Taminiau. The mold of the shoe looks amazing! Jan Taminau created all of the woven fabrics himself. Special and innovative are the reflective yarns. Jan got that idea when he saw people jogging in the dark wearing reflective jackets for there safety. (Inspiration still comes from the street) I think Piet Paris has also something to do with his upcoming show......just wondering....;)


OK, after the next pictures I will stop.....:) I just found a new topic on the global herald.com about the Couture collection: One of Lady Gaga’s favourite fashion designers has just unveiled a breathtaking collection of haunting hooded couture pieces at an Haute Couture show in Paris, France.
Jan Taminiau, a Dutch designer beloved by the royal family there, revealed the following inspiration: “100% artistic freedom. Couture has nothing to do with reality or being wearable,” – though Lady Gaga may not agree.

Silver, white and grey are lifted by a crusting of silver thread. Hoods and long sleeves give a ceremonial flourish to the sombre collection. This collection has also introduced the most covetable shoes of the season.
A seasoned assortment from a seasoned atelier :

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