Mark van Vorstenbos en Twan Janssen is the men behind the label YOUASME/MEASYOU. The label can be described as: gentle, sensual, confident, favorite, at ease, minimal en now. The brand had my curiosity and enthusiasm, because of their innovative way to involve their customers into their ideas and designing process.
Mark is the designer of the collection. Twan is an artist, web designer and works in the background as the art director of the label. I remember the first time that I heard about the label. As a fan of beautiful words and quotes, I immediately fell for the name/names of the brand. At Salon /1, a new platform that unites fashion, art and design on different locations in Amsterdam I saw an installation of about 10 meters long, with on both sides a video screen. In black and white, images were shown and there were sentences spoken; on one side a female voice and on the other side a male voice. They were speaking to each other.....a real dialogue!
I thought this was a beautiful way to present a new brand, that designs for women AND men! This brand really took my attention, even before I had seen any piece of clothing, Brilliant! They have just presented their first collection of designer knitwear and jersey for women and men.  Definitely a brand to keep an eye on!

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