CHANEL Spring Couture 2011

"Morning dew on spiderwebs" as a lyrical metaphor was the spill of the Spring 2011 Haute Couture Collection of Chanel shown today. Artist Marie Laurencin was lagerfeld's inspiration. In 1923, she designed Les Biches, a ballet commissioned by Diaghilev with a scenario by Cocteau. 

The overall feeling of the collection breathes a lack of heaviness. There is a precise, balletic grace to the shifts, the tops, the fitted jackets, and the floating chiffons. Although it is a Couture collection, I found some really nice pieces in this collection that I would love to wear right away. For example the delicate and sparkled v-neck sweater. It looks luxurious and comfortable at the same time.  Also the beaded t-shirt-like top with the short raglan sleeves worn above an explosion of tule looks elegant and tuff at the same time. The long a-symetrical pied de poule jacket with the rolled up sleeves and the laid back shoulder line looks effortlessly chic.

What stroke me the most of this collection were the sequined leggings and the light washed jeans that opened up at the hemline. I love this detailing of the side seam coming a little bit to the front. Also the trousers look a little bit longer, which gives you a sensual glance of the bare feet. The shoes........ooooh the shoes... I would love to kick someone's ass ( no one in particular)  with this wonderfull dull silver pointy toed shoes!!....Ooops!

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