And the winner is...

Yesterday I attended the Green Fashion Competition fashion show, organized by: Amsterdam International Fashion Week (AIFW) and the Dutch ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV). It was very exciting to see whom the winner turned out to be. 8 finalists made it to the last round. They handed in a business plan on sustainable fashion and Biodiversity. ‘Bio' means life, and ‘diversity' means variation and showed 2 outfits on the runway. 

Elsien Gringhuis was the winner of this competition. She showed two outfits of silk with a faded out technique. I must say that she was not my favorite. The show opener Winde Rienstra's designs took me by surprise. She used wooden constructions with rope that made a very futuristic silouette. On the other hand, I understand the jury's choice. Elsien Gringhuis did had the most wearable collection, while the pieces of Winde Rienstra were more Couture pieces.

The second price went to OAT shoes. They presented their shoe collection in a very original way, which for sure will give them a fare amount of press coverage. Two almost naked models that only wore the sustainable sneakers of OAT. You can find more on their designs here: www.oatshoes.com. Very pure and minimalistic.

PS. If you look closely on the second last picture on the right you can see me, staring at the camera;) There with my crappy camera, all the photo's I took were VERY bad. I bought a new camera today, and I am in the seventh heaven!

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